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On the site of the Camp-site :

Tele Room (of 9. 00 at 23. 00 from June to August)
Video Gaming room (of 9. 00 at 23. 00 from July to August)
Plays for children
Table of Ping-Pong
Ground of Ball
Ground of Volley ball
Sale of Ticket LUDOLAC (preferential rate)
Bread Deposit
Sale Postcard
Washing machine
Machine To be dried
Access Internet and Wi-Fi
Hiring of Bicycle

Aire de jeux du camping

Lac et motte de Vesoul


Near the Camp-site : 

LUDOLAC to 100 m
Lake Vaivre
Football field, tennis shoe...
Ornithological Reserve
Supermarket to 2 km
Base of Veil to 2 km

Plage du Lac
Beach of the Lake
Restaurant du Lac face au Camping
Restoring vis-a-vis with the Camp-site
Pédalo du Lac de Vesoul
Pedal boat with the Lake
Pêche au Lac de Vesoul
Fishing with the Lake
Voile au Lac
Veil on the Lake



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